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I couldn't help, but to keep my eyes on him."No, I never have, Heather. " he inquired, smiling somewhat."No reason, I was just curious, that's all.I probably shouldn't tell you this, but when I was eighteen, I did it with an older man."He smiled widely, but he couldn't peek my way.We heard the never-ending chants from the other spectators, but we stayed silent for the most part.'He must like what he sees, and it is not the game.I have my thong sticking out just a little bit, and Patrick here has definitely noticed it. I do know this; my pussy is getting wet now.'"So, how is the married life, Heather?Are you ready to watch my son and your younger brother kick the crap out of the other team?

I positioned my hand back on his leg and caressed it for a moment.He grinned for a second, but then he abruptly opened the door and got out."Shit," I groaned before I opened my door.I went right to him as was only a few feet from the car. Paul's dad has suspected before that I might have cheated on him before."He breathed wearily for a few seconds. ""Maybe," I divulged, closing the gap between us and angling my body so his front was blocked from the game.You are also going telling him about that you had sex with Megan's dad.You are misleading him, lady.""Fine," I muttered before I went back to Patrick. 'And you have both hands covering your wood.'"What's wrong, Patrick?

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By then, I wasn't paying attention to the game at all; I just had my eyes on him. "Would you like to watch the game from a more private location with me? ""It is rather hot out, so I'd like to be in my cooler SUV, and I'd love some company.

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